We seek to give people the opportunity to get things that they want within a budget that they can afford. Ebotse Interiors makes products accessible to customers on terms that meet their needs and in a way that is convenient to them. In addition to getting the things they want in an easy, affordable manner, Ebotse’s customers enjoy a whole list of benefits. This option allows corporates to have their flower arrangement changed every month giving them a different look of flowers and feel for their customers and staff. For more info contact our designers.



We understand that we live in an age where people’s lives are volatile and people don’t always know what their circumstances will be in the future. Ebotse aims to give people the option of living the life they envision without having to go through stressful measures to do so. We promote healthy financial situations which result in stress-free living and above all; quality of life



It is no secret that a person’s wedding day is one of the most important in Ceremonies their lives. It is the culmination of a couple’s story and the declaration of their bond. From intimate ceremonies to luxurious celebrations, wedding, birthdays, corporate events, and fashion events and fun, out-of-the-box events, we’ve got it all covered.



If you are looking to create an impression with fresh flowers and enchanting floral arrangements, then look no further than us. Among our team, we count one of the most knowledgeable and experienced florist. As such, our floral services are comprehensive our approach is unique and innovative, in order to breathe life and individually into a single one of our arrangements. Note that this service is only available on order only



It’s no doubt that artificial plants can transform a space. When made from fine, quality materials, silk plants can easily be mistaken for an actual living replica. However, one of the biggest issues with artificial plants is that they – just like with everything else – collect dust overtime and will unseemly lose their luster as time goes by. Since investing in high-quality silk plants can be expensive, Ebotse also offer maintenance plan making sure that they’re always looking their best. In doing so, not only will you help reduce the amount of dust and allergens in your environment, but you’ll help preserve the beautiful realism created by such a decorative silk accent. With just a little bit of TLC and a proper cleaning regime, your artificial plants will continue to showcase a “fresh from the garden appeal” for a long, extended amount of time. In order to thoroughly cleanse and spruce up your artificial plants from dirt and dust, we recommend you take up our cleaning plan.