There is nothing better than an office full of hard working, happy people! There is a simple way to keep everyone in your office in a good mood – flowers! It’s said that exposure to flowers can reduce anxiety and negativity, and even improve your memory.

Planteria is a company who specialises in corporate flowers, providing office plants and office flowers to over 600 customers each week.

We believe that filling your office with beautiful looking and attractive smelling flowers will help boost productivity and improve employees’ mood.

Not sold yet? Read on for 4 reasons why you should be filling your office with flowers!


They are an easy way to redecorate

If you’re like us and you like to switch the decor of your office up often, then flowers and plants are a wonderful option. They are a cost effective way of making a bold change in your work place that won’t involve lots of work or take up any time.

A huge bouquet of colourful flowers can make an otherwise neutral room look bright and cheerful. They can also create a welcoming entrance-way, or make a stunning centrepiece for your meeting room.

They can help workplace productivity

Flowers look and smell amazing, but that’s not all they do! Studies and scientific evidence have proven that having flowers in the workplace can increase our ability to work better. This is for a number of reasons, for both men and women.

A study that was carried out in America over an eight month period, found that both men and women performed better in an environment that was decorated with fresh plants and flowers. This was in terms of innovative thinking, generating good ideas and problem solving.

It found that men were able to generate around 30% more ideas in an office with flowers than when in an office that was sparse and dull.


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